Whether it’s for an individual or group, live or on CD, SoundJourney™ is the weaving of the beauty and power of sound by me, Sacred Sound therapist Fiona McLaren.

Welcome to my world of sound ~ SoundJourney™ was created in 2005.  I hope you find the mix of words, images and, of course, sounds enjoyable and informative.

I absolutely love working with sound and anyone that has met me will tell you how passionate I am about it.  After my first talk and demo, over 10 years ago, my friends told me that no matter how much they have heard me talking about it while I was training it does not convey, even with my exuberant passion, the beauty of it.  It has to be experienced.

Feeling stressed, in pain or maybe not sleeping well?  If you are not aware of the amazing power of sound to help these things and more, then have a look at some of the insights and potential benefits of sound therapy.

Now you have an idea of what it can do for you, what have others had to say of their experience?  The feedback for my sound therapy, group sessions, workshops, drumming and my CDs has been incredible. Here is one of the latest comments…

“Many thanks Fiona for changing my life. The Gong Baths are amazing and caused many changes to my way of thinking of how to see past pain to a better way of life. At times it was rather uncomfortable but I have realised with the pain comes relief also. Your therapy is amazing and so are you. You’re calm, helpful yet not in the least bit intrusive, helping me to come to my own decisions in a loving, safe environment. Many many thanks for everything”. ~ Susan.

If you would like to book a sound therapy session or a workshop, please get in touch.  To keep up-to-date with everything please sign up for my newsletter at the top of the page (Fiona McLaren Arts).

Upcoming Events:
Singing Bowl/Gong Bath Experience

Join me in my wonderful world of sound. I will share some of the history and her experiences of working with these beautiful instruments. There will also be time for you to play the singing bowls (feel free to bring your own Himalayan (no crystal bowls on this occasion please) singing bowl) and then a short introduction to the magic of runes prior to the break for lunch (please bring your own lunch, teas and coffee are provided).

After lunch you will gain more insight into how Fiona uses the runes before settling down and going on your own special journey… a SoundJourney.

The gong, played with a variety of beaters and flumis, really does create a gorgeous symphony of sound. An amazing transformational ‘tool’ which bathes you in incredibly healing waves of sounds and vibration.

Informative, fun, relaxing and energising! Look forward to seeing and sharing with you.

The Sahana SOUL Centre
2 King Street

Sunday 12 November 2017
11:00am to 3:00pm

Yoga ~ Gong ~ Tratak

Fiona (SoundJourney) and Yvonne (Yogabode) get together again for an incredibly relaxing start to December.

We will start with some gentle yoga before settling down to tratak meditation (candle gaze). Throughout this time there will be the incredible sounds of chimes, bell, mbira and the symphonic gong.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday 01 December 2017, 6.30pm to 8pm, £10