Fiona McLaren Arts

“Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress”
Li Keqiang

Fiona McLaren Arts
Why am I writing about Fiona McLaren Arts?  Well, there have been a number of changes for me over the last couple of years in particular and I wanted to clarify why my newsletter and some of my social media comes up as Fiona McLaren Arts.

If you have read about me on this website you will know that I started as a Shiatsu therapist and then did my Reiki training before embarking on my training as a Sacred Sound therapist and creating SoundJourney.  Since then I have taught a weekly djembe drumming class for beginners in Glasgow, Falkirk and then Kirkcaldy.  Then came the runes which led me to pyrography and my interest in photography also grew.

Since moving back to Fife in 2014, I have moved again!  Still in Fife.  Into the countryside with my partner, boys and cats 🙂 It is with their encouragement and support that I moved in to a fantastic wee studio in Kinross and hence chose a name that could incorporate both my healing and creative arts ~ Fiona McLaren Arts

Change, innovation and progress, I am looking forward to creating much of each in my little haven in Kinross.

In the meantime, I would like to thank everybody that has followed and supported me on my journey, a ‘sound’ journey in many ways, it is very much appreciated.  I look forward to seeing and sharing more with friends, old and new 🙂

Best wishes – Fiona