Fiona McLaren

Fiona McLaren
Having spent my working life in an office, I embarked on some radical change in 1997 and am now, it has been said, a gifted and intuitive sound healer, djembe drummer/teacher, Shiatsu and Reiki therapist.  I also work with runes, do pyrography and last but by no means least, photography.

In 2002, after years of training in Shiatsu, I quit my job of 17 years, sold my house and moved nearly 200 miles away and started as a full-time Shiatsu therapist. This journey led to studying Reiki and then following my biggest passion – Sacred Sound Therapy.

Upon completing my studies with Rachael Kelly at the Colour of Sound Institute in 2005, I established SoundJourney™. This allowed me to expand and not solely focus on 1-2-1 therapy sessions but also group sessions, relaxation/meditation sessions, voice work, djembe drumming and recording CDs.
“I love sound especially drumming. I have always been aware of the power of sound to lift feelings, energy, spirit. I want to understand more about sound, it’s benefits, how to work with it and I would eventually like to teach Sacred Sound Therapy“.  These were the very first words I wrote in my journal at the beginning of my Sacred Sound Therapy course. This was the start of an amazing journey for me.

I continually find myself spurred on by the aliveness and zest for life that I feel through sound, achieving things I would never have dreamt of before. It is important for me to work regularly with my sound tools, not just with groups or clients, but on my own too. I connect with them, meditate with them and do self-healing sessions with them as it is important to me to really experience and understand the power and potential of working with sound.

On my personal SoundJourney™ I have been able to slow down on different levels e.g. the over-active/monkey mind, my body, my breathing. I have felt myself relaxing, deeper and deeper, letting go of the stress, tension and anxiety in my mind and body. Sound alters the brain-wave frequency and in this altered state, I had renewed focus, clarity and understanding, ideas and solutions had space to come in and with my body feeling much more at ease, and sinking into the floor in relaxed bliss, I had a general sense of well-being which was wonderful. I felt much more positive and empowered in this state.

Prior to training as a Sacred Sound therapist, I qualified as a Shiatsu therapist and then did my 3 levels of Reiki (not a Reiki teacher).  Since sound therapy and creating SoundJourney, I have been working with runes (Duga Runes) which led me to doing pyrography (Pyrografi).  I am excited about how these aspects will develop and grow in their own right and/or integrate together.

Photo is courtesy of Violet Anne.