How Sound Therapy Works

Here I get the opportunity to give you some information about how sound therapy works.  Although prior to that, I must say that no amount of theory will convey to you the power and beauty of sound.  How it can envelop you, calming and supporting you.  How it can whisk you away on pure healing tones and bring you back feeling deeply relaxed, with a feeling of being cleared and cleansed.  Sound therapy is experiential, your journey, your SoundJourney.  If you would like to find out more and experience it for yourself, please get in touch.

Now for the theory I promised you.  Water is known to be a fantastic conductor of sound. Not only are we made up of more than 70% water, we are also, like everything, made up of vibration. The playing of various Sacred Sound tools will affect different areas of the body.  The build up of harmonics will also work on various levels bringing an holistic and balancing session to all levels of being. Sacred Sound is a very powerful and effective healing tool which can get right to the core and can clear and transform blocked energy.  It also affects brain-wave frequencies and can take us into deeper states of relaxation and healing.


  • Sympathetic resonance – like attracts like
  • Entrainment – lower vibration locks into a higher vibration
  • Brain synchronisation – two different frequencies create a third synchronising frequency
  • Hemi-sync ® – balancing of right and left hemisphere of the brain