Overview of Sound Therapy

I have never wanted to ‘box’ sound as I feel this limits its potential.  Since 2004 it has never ceased to amaze me. So first off is an overview of sound therapy.

Sacred sound therapy is the use of various sound ‘tools’ to re-balance the body’s energies on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to promote health and well-being.  The sound tools are generally used by people from indigenous tribes e.g. Native American Indians and Aborigines, basically people who lived by the land and laws of nature.  This knowledge and understanding was adhered to in the making of the sacred sound tools, which, I believe, contain pureness of sound and intention. People around the world have used sound in rituals, ceremonies, meditations and healing for centuries.  However, it is not only sacred sound tools that have been created that are used.  The voice, in toning and the use of mantras can also be incorporated into a therapy session.

SJ Tools Poster

Sound Tools include: symphonic gong, crystal and Himalayan (commonly known as Tibetan) singing bowls, Tibetan bell, tingsha, chimes, shakers, ocean drums, Native American style drum, flute and rattle, didgeridoo, rain sticks and thunder shaker.

Please go to the ‘Sound Tools’ section for more information and to hear clips of the various instruments.  You can also check out ‘Audio’ in the ‘Multimedia’ section to hear my Gong Bath interview (interviewed by broadcaster, record producer and musician, John Cavanagh), a clip of my Space Within CD and a medley from my first CD ~ The Heart of the Matter.