This is the sight and sound section of my website.  I love being as creative with multimedia as with everything else that I do.  That’s right, apart from the session recorded by John Cavanagh, the HeartSound video and any photographs that I am featured in, everything else was recorded, photographed and put together by yours truly.

Head to the Audio section for sound clips and the full interview by John Cavanagh which includes clips of the gong bath session he received.  In this section you can also hear a medley from my first CD, The Heart of the Matter and a clip from my gong bath CD, Space Within.

If you would like to hear individual sound clips of some of my instruments, please go to the ‘Sound Tools’ section.

The gallery has a selection of images of me, venues I have worked in and of course, my wonderful sound tools.

In the video section I give you a flavour of what I do.  To kick things off, the first video I created which is a lovely relaxation session.  Then a compilation of my photographs to show you what inspires me.  I also love being able to record and layer up the sounds which is so different to SoundJourney where I can only play one… or two instruments at a time.  Then something to make sure you are grounded and energised, a video clip of HeartSound playing the first rhythm at their first ever performance.