My videos are generally posted on my YouTube channel and occasionally on my Facebook page,
both called SoundJourneyInt.

These videos will give you a little flavour of what I do across the different facets of SoundJourney™.

Let’s start with the very first video I created, the beautiful sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls.  Sit comfortably and let the sounds and vibrations gently relax and centre you. Enjoy!


The scenery in Scotland is stunning and when I lived in the central belt, my walks in Callendar Park often inspired me.  So much so that I photographed it in all its splendour, recorded the music and created this video to share with you.


I teach 2 djembe classes for beginners in Kirkcaldy and the 2 classes come together as HeartSound and this video is a clip of the first rhythm played at their first performance.


I hope you enjoy the videos and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you.