In the beginning,  working with Shiatsu and Reiki, my therapy sessions were on 1-2-1 basis only.  Having qualified as a Sacred Sound therapist in 2005 my working world started opening up much more.  Not only could I offer 1-2-1 Sound Therapy sessions, I also started running  regular SoundJourney group relaxation sessions.  Then came workshops which could also be tailored for private and corporate bookings.  The expansion of my work with sound also encouraged me to set up The Glasgow Reiki Share in 2007.

I have also teamed up with various yoga teachers to provide a yoga sound day.  The morning session is yoga to open and stretch the body ready to receive a SoundJourney session in the afternoon.  From this one of the yoga teachers asked if we could offer a  simultaneous session and what an incredible experience that was.  You can find out more about that on the Yoga Sound page.  David Rabone invited me to provide live sounds on one of his courses and the combination of SoundJourney and Light Grids was beautiful.

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