1-2-1 Sound Therapy

Body Cushions

A 1-2-1 Sound Therapy session is usually for an hour although can be longer if you wish.  As with Shiatsu and Reiki you remain fully clothed and you can either be lying down on a futon and body cushions, sitting or standing, as you are bathed in sound. You do not need to bring anything with you, just an open mind and if you want, a notepad and pen to jot anything down after your sound bath.

Various sound tools will be played around, over or possibly on you to identify and clear any energy blockages. Energy can become ‘blocked’ and produce a symptom, due to a variety of reasons such as lifestyle and external influence e.g. pollution.

Sound Tools

I usually have a range of sound tools laid out on a beautiful cloth.  I may use them all or I may only use a small selection, it very much depends in what is required at that time.  You may also want to experience a purely singing bowl sound therapy session for example.

Please have a look around my website to find out how sound therapy works or what the benefits of sound therapy are.  You can also find out some more about the sound tools and also what others have thought of their experience.

A course of 3 to 6, 1-2-1 therapy sessions, is recommended to provide maximum benefit.

SoundJourney™ is based in the beautiful Kingdom of Fife

Sessions available at:-
The Sahana SOUL Centre
2 King Street

1-2-1 Sound Therapy is £35 per hour.

Gift Vouchers are also available.

If you have any questions, would like more information or want to book a session, please contact me.