Group Sessions & Workshops

Why the distinction between group sessions & workshops?

When I first set up SoundJourney™ in 2005, I knew not many people had come across sound therapy and as I have mentioned before, most people thought it was just a wee relaxation.  No-one really had any idea of the power and potential of sound.  So I wanted to set up something that people could come along to and experience some of its potential for themselves.

I organised the first monthly ‘sound bath’ relaxation/meditation group session in Glasgow.  Since then i have facilated this popular event around the country.  People were amazed and quickly found that what they gained was so much more than just ‘wee relaxation’.  You can read some of their feedback here.  You can choose to either sit or lie down during a session. All you need to bring is a mat, warm blanket and some water. If you would like to keep a record of your ‘journey’ and any thoughts, inspiration or progress then please bring a pen and paper.

If you prefer you can book your own group session for family, friends and colleagues.  How about being pampered and bathed in the pure healing tones in the comfort of your own home?  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


I periodically run talks & demos or workshops e.g. singing bowl or voice workshops at various locations.

You can also book a workshop specifically for you and your family and friends.  Some people have booked for their development group or hen party.  Whether it is a private booking, for a particular client group or corporation I can tailor the workshop to the individual needs of your business or client group e.g. a relaxation session, a singing bowl, voice or drumming workshop or any combination.  Have a look here to see the diverse range of groups I have worked with.

Prices are competetive and will vary depending on requirements.

Please contact me for more information about, or to book, any of my group sessions & workshops, thank you.