Sound Tools

I have a variety of sound tools (instruments) that I can choose from during a session.  Some are wind instruments, some are percussive and I even have a stringed instrument.  Many people have assumed that as I am a sound therapist that I came from a musical background and/or have studied music.  This is not the case at all.  I have always loved the drums and been aware that I don’t just hear the sound or music with my ears, I really feel it and what it conveys.

SoundJourney Instruments

The sound tools are as unique and varied as you and I and our family, friends and colleagues.  Each has their own unique sound and purpose.  Despite the fact that I will take most, if not all the instruments to a session I may not necessarily play them all.  Sometimes only two or three are required.

In this section you can get more of an idea of the use and potential of a variety of sound tools and I have included some sound clips as well.  Please use the dropdown list in the menu bar above or click a link below:-