Bells & Gongs

I generally use the bells & gongs in the first half of a session as they can focus the mind and alter the brain-wave frequencies, taking us into deeper states of relaxation and healing.  I say ‘generally’ as I have also facilitated a number of ‘gong baths’.  Apart from a few minutes of grounding with my shamanic drum and rattle, the gong bathes you in an incredible range of sound and vibration.

Tingsha & Bell

The tingsha (see image) and the bell have traditionally been used at the start of a meditation as the sound focuses the mind.  They are excellent for the purposes of space clearing rooms and people.  The sound is quite high and is excellent for releasing and moving stagnant energy.

Soundclip of my tingsha


Symphonic GongGongs

Like Tibetan singing bowls, gongs traditionally are made by specialist families who use their own symbols and their own combinations and quantity of metals. Gongs also come in various sizes and are either hand held or placed on a specially made frame. Again, the use of different sized mallets will also create different sounds, as will playing different parts of the gong. The sound permeates the whole body, the whole being and can get to the very core of the client. When played slowly and gently they penetrate very deeply into all levels of your being. When played harder and faster it is still deeply penetrating but is more invigorating, stirring, shaking things up feeling, but not in a harsh or intrusive way.

My symphonic gong.