Rhythm & Grounding

Rhythm & Grounding ToolsRhythm & Grounding Tools

There is an absolutely vast array of sacred sound tools available for the rhythm and grounding section, e.g. shakers, rain sticks, drums, rattles and didgeridoo. On the whole they will be made by people from indigenous tribes, who live and work by the laws of the land, of nature. The materials used will be provided by the land e.g. wood, pods, seeds, animal hide. They are therefore inextricably linked to Mother Earth. Mother Earth very much being about nurture, support, centring and grounding. The tools tend to dispel, disperse, lighten and ‘fluff’ up the energy.

– Shaker Medley
– Claves
– Rainstick
– Didgeridoo
– Rattle

My DrumsDrums

Drums are close to my heart and I feel deserve a special mention.  Each drum will have its own unique sound and its sound can vary depending on the beater used, how tight you make the skin, where on the skin you play and how you play e.g. soft, gentle, firm. The rhythm need not be complicated and intricate, a very simple beat is that of the heart. By listening to your own heartbeat and playing that, the drum, your heartbeat and your client’s will become synchronised. If the drum is played with a slow, steady rhythm it can be very relaxing, trance-inducing and can alter the brain-wave pattern to alpha-theta, possibly even beyond. Played firmer and faster it feels energising, empowering and centring. It is very good for meditation as it focuses the mind. The drum can also be used to clear and balance the chakras. And due to its ability to drive away negativity and stagnant energy it is excellent for space clearing people and spaces.

– Shamanic/Frame Drum
– Ocean Drum
– Djembe