Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing BowlCrystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are a by-product of Silicon Valley. They were created by the computer industry to grow silicon, which is used in micro-chips. No-one really knows how they moved from the world of computer technology to the world of holistic healing.

The crystal singing bowls are made from quartz crystal and contain therein the qualities of quartz crystal. In “The Power of Gems and Crystals” by Soozi Holbeche, quartz crystal is “the stimulating fire that shatters stagnation in your life, your thoughts and attitudes – it breaks open and calls into question patterns of reflex response. Crystals awaken us to higher levels of awareness”. Probably the most widely used bowls are the frosted, the clear and the ultra light frosted.

The pureness of sound and vibration along with the qualities of the quartz crystal itself, and the fact that we are made up of vibration, crystalline structures and 70% water then the possibilities and potential for change are endless. The crystal singing bowls can also be tuned to a specific note, unlike the Tibetan singing bowls, and as each chakra has its own specific note this then adds another dimension to the holistic healing potential. The bowls can also come in different shapes and sizes, which will affect the sound, and different sounds trigger different things in different people.

All the aforementioned power and potential can be added to with the creation of specialist crystal singing bowls which are infused with different metals or crystals. Namely, the rose quartz, aqua aura (gold), Egyptian blue, moldavite, platinum (platinum and silver) and amethyst bowls.

– Crystal Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing BowlHimalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowls

Traditional Himalayan (more commonly know as Tibetan) singing bowls are hand-made using 7 different metals. The makers of the Tibetan singing bowls will have their own family recipe, that is to say that the quantity of each metal will vary. Some bowls are inscribed with words, mantras or deities. Nowadays, Tibetan singing bowls are mass produced and therefore machine made. The bowls will also vary, vastly, in size, shape and thickness.  All this means that the sound of each individual bowl will be quite different. The use of different wands will also create different sounds, under-tones, over-tones, different notes and harmonics. They also have the ability to balance, heal and transform.

– Himalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowl
– My ‘WaWa’ Bowl