CD Reviews

I am so grateful for all the wonderful SoundJourney CD reviews I have received, both verbally and written.  See for yourself what others think and have experienced…

Space Within

Space Within

“I know that your gorgeous CD has a little advice to not listen in the car, but I did today. My journey went very quickly and was amazingly relaxing. I am going to try it tomorrow night before I go to sleep. Love it! Thank” – S.L, Glasgow

“I recently bought this from Fiona at the reiki gathering and I LOVE it!!! If you are looking for some music for meditating and chilling out with check this out. Seriously good vibes ♥” – Michelle C, Glasgow

The Heart of the Matter CDThe Heart of the Matter

“I thought the whole cd was very positive and certainly enlightening of mood!  Loved it” – Karen R, Glasgow

“Your CD is wonderful! It’s not like anything else I’ve heard (& I’ve heard a lot of CDs!)…I love the way the mood changes through the tracks, the instruments all blend together & compliment each other so well, & it leaves you feeling energized & uplifted!”Joan M, Glasgow

“I am loving your CD” – Kirsty G, Glasgow

“Wow, what an array of colours and sensations! Fantastic”. – Louise B, Kilmarnock

“Is really good.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Will play it a lot” – Anne S, Dumfries

WHG Mag – Issue 16:-

I am so excited and pleased to let you know that my CD, The Heart of the Matter, has been reviewed in the latest edition of the WHG Mag (pg 28) – Issue 16, Feb 11 to Apr 11

In case you can’t get your hands on a copy, here is what it says:-

This CD includes mantra chants, deep relaxing drumming and instrumental tracks as well as some fairly upbeat instrumental tracks to finish.  My personal preference was for the more meditative and relaxed tracks in the middle of the CD, they were certainly effective for sound journeying and I have played them several times.  Different strokes for different folks as they say ( I think they say that don’t they??) so I am sure the Heart Sutra mantra (track 1) will be played on a loop by some.  ‘Shake it up’ (track 7) along with ‘Groovin” (track 8 ) will similarly have great audience appeal, I just preferred to chill out man.  It is nice to find a CD that allows you to wander off into your own experience without too much interference or overt suggestion.  Give it a go.

If you would like to hear a short medley of the CD, please click here or to purchase, please click here.