Drumming Feedback

There have been ups and downs, mainly carrying drums up and down stairs to load and unload my van.  It is all worthwhile as I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching beginners, whether in weekly class or one-off workshops.  The drumming feedback I have received, written and verbal, over the years is amazing and I thank everyone for their comments and support.

“I highly recommend this energising and fun class.  It is so well taught that even people with no rhythm, like myself, can play the first week!” – T Stephens

“I absolutely love coming along to the drumming.  It is a great way to de-stress and clear your head at the end of the day, meet new folk, learn a few rhythms and have a laugh along the way.  I would certainly recomend you try it…” – J McLellan

“Fun class, lots of laughs and great for beating out the stresses of the day!  Helps focus and concentration, clears the mind – works like meditation” – A Meiklem

“I have enjoyed every djembe lesson I have had with Fiona.  It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and I always have lots of fun while learning.  Each time I go I leave feeling I learned more and also feeling very upbeat!!!” – M Connor

“I appreciate your class, Fiona because you are very patient and methodical and we have a good laugh as well.” – F McKenzie

“Loving my drumming lessons, great release at the end of the day.  Thank you Fiona!  As a beginner, I am finding the pace perfect.  Taking time to really understand the drum, with plenty of fun and structure to the lessons.” – D Mae

“Thanks for another great drumming class Fiona.  You create such a wonderful space for sheer enjoyment.  Fantastic guidance, great folks and great fun.” – L Kincaid

“You are well worth coming through to Glasgow for” – H Harris