Sound Therapy Feedback

The sound therapy feedback that follows is a mix of incredible feedback I have received about my 1-2-1 sound therapy sessions and my group sessions and workshops.

SoundJourney - 4 of Me
“I think your SoundJourney sessions are just bliss. The fastest way to heal that I have ever come across. You are one extremely talented lady” – Linda K, Stirling

“Fiona’s abilities as a sound healing practitioner are beautifully powerful.  Her warmth and genuine nature are healing for the soul, mind and body.  Would thoroughly recommend her sessions.” – David R, Dundee
“Fiona is a truly wonderful sound healer, who has great depth, integrity and skill. She works very much from her heart and guidance, drawing on a vast array of tools and skills to weave healing and profound relaxation. It is a privilege to experience her work.” – Helen H, Strathaven

“Fiona is a receptive, supportive and knowledgable therapist who combines intuition with an approachable manner in her work.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.” – Lorraine P, Falkirk

“Fiona is a wonderful musician who I first experienced her performing about three years ago. At first I didn’t know what to expect, however I then found myself chilled out beyond belief. She has a few diverse talents up her sleeve and is very dedicated to what she performs and to working with others. I would highly recommend Fiona for future workshops you may be planning or conferences and corporate work.” – Jane F, Glasgow

Gong & I“I have experienced many alternative/complementary therapies over the years but Sound Therapy is very different. It is relaxing but also energising and shifts negative energies and emotional blocks in an amazing way. I have been working through a really difficult time in my life recently and  Sound Therapy has helped me refocus, relax and move forward. The different instruments have a deep and profound effect on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. I highly recommend this experience.” – RW, Kirkcaldy

“I absolutely loved the sound therapy sessions you gave me and the shiatsu as well.  You are a very talented and gifted healer”. – Tracey H, Nairn

“I had a brilliant time at the sound journey, and couldn’t believe it went on for two hours! I felt it was very healing, and I was so aligned at the end that I  had no need to think of anything at all! Lovely state to achieve” – Anne H, Kirkcaldy

“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing all of the therapies Fiona administers and I can recommend her 100%.  Her work is very effective and she is professional and friendly.” – Carla B, Glasgow

“I felt very chilled out after the session.  Also during the healing session I found certain areas of my body energised and come alive. I was also aware of some healing happening in my left shoulder. I also experienced seeing faces appear in my mind’s eye-spirit? A truly magical experience. The vibrations in the room were amazing and I loved the way you played the instruments. Loving my CD too” – Evelyn S, Fife

“Fiona is an excellent Sound Healer and Therapist… having had personal experience of her SoundJourneys and having also hired and re-hired her for our annual Reiki Gatherings in Scotland… I can highly recommend her.” – Lorna M, Stepps

“That was so, so good Fiona!  Pure bliss, in fact!  Thanks a million!” – Evelyn B, Glasgow

“Well where do I begin. My singing bowl journey last weekend was amazing, I so enjoy this, and it really set me up for the week ahead. (I left the venue which was also very relaxing ) like the cat who had the cream, could not stop smiling, surprisingly enough many  people  I passed that day  were smiling back” – Mo M, Stirling

Singing Bowls

“The Singing Bowl SoundJourney at the YogaTree was a really great experience for me.  I felt that there was a great vibe and energy about the studio and during the circle warm up so I was really open for the journey when it was time to begin.  I don’t know if there is a typical experience that people have fedback to you on their sound journey but I found that in the early stages I seemed to wink in and out of conscious thought as the singing of the bowls ebbed and flowed and this actually led to some interesting personal realisations – it was as though my mind had been freed from everyday thoughts and worries?  As the session progressed though I must have become less and less conscious because all I can recall is an overwhelming relaxation and being aware of nothing but the sounds in the room – whether it was the bowls or your singing – washing over me and taking me deeper into complete calm.  Stirling and the outside world certainly seemed to be a million miles away by the time the session ended and I was left with a blissful relaxation that lasted long after” – Peter M, Stirling

“I have had Sound healing from Fiona on more than one occassion, which has been to say the least a Wonderful experience with fantastic results.  I would recomend Fiona’s Gong bath treatment and the sound journeying which I have found amazing.” – Lynn D, Renfrewshire

 “I think you are fantastic at what you do and are so talented, I feel so priviledged to have met you and feel I want to hear more.  I was totally captivated the whole night.  Looking forward to seeing you again” – Yvonne L, Motherwell

“very good”, “extremely good”, “an amazing workshop”, “I have never experienced anything like that – wonderful” and “I would never have thought a workshop could be like that” – Living Well in Glasgow Refugee Week event


Slowed down on different levels e.g. busy/monkey mind, my body, my breathing.

Relaxed deeper and deeper, let go of the stress, tension and anxiety in my mind and body.  I had renewed focus, clarity and understanding, ideas and solutions had space to come in.

General sense of well-being which was wonderful.  I felt much more positive and empowered.

Energised, empowered, centred, brought to the here and now, my whole body filling up.  I feel more present, strong, grounded and ready for anything.